The journey that led us here...

Two sisters have combined their passions; astrology and skincare to create a truly unique brand that allows people to celebrate their astrological blueprint with luxurious skincare.

Brittany Kenaly

Brittany is a well-known psychic tarot reader who began her spiritual journey at aged 18 when, as a naturally intuitive Scorpio, she became passionate about astrology. The star signs helped Brittany understand people’s influences and motivations. She found that applying this knowledge greatly improved her personal relationships. Today Brittany delivers love readings for the 12 star signs on her YouTube Channel ‘Brittany’s Psychic Tarot’. Most recently Brittany has assisted detectives to solve missing persons cases.

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Sarah Kenaly

Sarah is a tireless mother of four. Before dedicating herself to family life, Sarah had a successful career in media sales. Sarah has always been passionate about beauty and skin care, perhaps because she is a Virgo, which governs the Six House of health and natural remedies. Virgos have brains that buzz like bees, so during the pandemic she sought to bring her passion to life and create products that are truly unique.

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