What you can expect in 2024?

What you can expect in 2024?

Numerologically, 2024 is an ‘8’ year. The number eight is associated with karma, so, ‘what you reap, you shall sow.’ In many tarot decks, Justice is card number eight, a card which is also concerned with karma, or Divine Justice. Act honestly and you will see great success.
The 8 is also associated with power. So too, does it make sense, that in other tarot decks, Strength is card number eight. Sustained effort and stamina will pay great dividends this year. Expect to see great rewards as a result of self-discipline, resilience and resourcefulness.
Finally, eight is about power and authority. The 8 brings us the promise of stepping into our power. Claim it this year – your power to create, your power of choice and through mastering your responses to life’s demands from the inside. Learn to find peace despite whatever challenges you’re facing. These are some ways you might take more responsibility for your life this year.

2024 is Year of the Wood Dragon, representing authority, prosperity and good fortune.
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What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Projects you initiated but didn’t go as planned, leaving you feeling disappointed.
What to embrace in 2024: the opportunity to realign yourself and where you’re headed. Change what’s not working and take courageous steps towards your dreams. Nothing is wasted, you learnt from what didn’t pan out and now you have a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Feeling overlooked and undervalued. Situations and people you encountered played an important role in triggering old wounds and forced you to develop your self-worth.
What to embrace in 2024: recognition! If you felt invisible last year, prepare to be noticed! You may find that your time is very much in demand, so take care not to overstrain yourself. You’re moving away from unfulfilling emotional experiences and travel is likely.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Convention, old limiting beliefs.
What to embrace in 2024: A new perspective, to change your results and move yourself forward. You are letting go of something that once provided you with safety and belonging, that you’ve outgrown. You will realise you can never lose those things since you give them to yourself anyway.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Inaction, passivity, waiting
What to embrace in 2024: You’re done being idle – you crave purpose. And you’re willing to trade comfort for it. Stay consistent, remove distractions, prioritise yourself and you can’t lose. If time seemed to get away in 2023 strap yourself in: you’re back in the driver’s seat of your life. Put the pedal to the metal and make up for lost time.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Threats to your happiness, feeling silenced
What to embrace in 2024: reclaiming your dignity and freedom. Finances and other people will no longer be dictating your circumstances. You will be confidently speaking up for yourself and ignoring anyone who says you can’t have what you want or do what you please.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: attachment, sabotaging what you want
What to embrace in 2024: intuition and magic. If your efforts have proved ineffective, you will be changing your method. Where you were too attached to a specific outcome, an idea, or a way of doing things you’ll be letting go of doing it a certain way. Surrender is not conceding defeat – it is powerful non-resistance by unburdening yourself from the weight of your longing. When you do this, you are “called to do something”. When you take this divinely inspired action, you’ll achieve your goal as if by magic.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Something private that was difficult to heal or process, that you kept under wraps, that may have been blocking you
What to embrace in 2024: Feeling ‘whole’ and healed - you are furnished with the impetus for a new cycle and a strategy is formed. You are the master of your own domain and will be reinstating order and structure where it was lacking. Make a plan and stick to it. You’ll feel more inclined to express yourself. In 2023 you went within, now in 2024 you are re-emerging into the world and making more
of an impact.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Missing puzzle pieces and details eluding you, feeling like the odd one out, feeling disengaged, a lack of warmth and happiness What to embrace in 2024: a complete rebirth and new direction. In 2023 you learned that everything you need, you can create for yourself. In realising this, an entirely new reality is possible for you in 2024. You will be bold in seeking out new adventures, deciding to live life on your own terms. There will be no more hiding, as you step into your light, a radiant force to be reckoned with.
Productivity is heightened but don’t forget to step away from the screen every now and then and soak up some sun.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Lack of direction or indecision, lack of agency or feeling like you have no choice What to embrace in 2024: independence. When we separate our energy from others, we gain clarity
about what we really want and stop doing things that are not in alignment. Striking out on your own this year, or at the very least, removing negative influences and overly competitive people, will be key to your success. Choose your environment and your tribe wisely as they will be huge determiners of your progress.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Heavy burdens, difficult endings, betrayal What to embrace in 2024: living freely, liberation from past troubles and worry, new offers and opportunities. This year promises more pleasure, passion and indulgence. Comfort and companionship are indicated but just avoid any kind of false pretences. Preference honesty and kindness over pomp, glitter and gold.


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: Loose ends, unfinished business, obstacles
What to embrace in 2024: A clean slate. If you don’t make it yourself, it will be carved for you. Anything that no longer supports you will be cast out, so don’t resist this process or convince yourself that the dead-and-buried is still alive and kicking, for illusions don’t support you either, and you’ll only set yourself up for a rude awakening. This year will be both humbling and exciting as you can choose how to fill the empty space!


What you’re leaving behind in 2023: A trajectory that you thought was what you wanted. What to embrace in 2024: sacrificing comfort and familiarity in order to change course. Go inward and discover what your soul is calling you to do. Get out of your head where fear and doubt reside and into your heart. Remember that you are powerful beyond measure, you are safe. Shift your focus from what you could lose to what you could gain and then go for it!