You are being asked to reflect on how you’re expending your energy. Could your routine be sucking the inspiration and motivation out of you? There’s a need to address this STAT because it will lead to chemical changes and physical symptoms. Mercury Retrograde is calling you to overhaul your day-
to-day. Make sure every thing you do aligns with your purpose, as opposed to what others expect of, or impose upon you. As you prune away situations and habits that possess a negative energy, and as you continue to consciously reshape and mold your daily life, your body will thank you for it.
Other sign of significance to you right now: Virgo



This Mercury Retrograde is asking you to take an objective look at yourself with the view to improving your ability to understand and communicate with others and thereby reduce conflict in your life. Consider how your words, actions and decisions could be negatively impacting other beings. While we cannot be totally responsible for how others feel, we can’t use this as a convenient excuse to do and act as we please. We don’t live in an ethical vacuum or an egocentric bubble:
everything we say and do affects the whole. You must recognise within yourself a great force that compels you, where possible, to alleviate the pain in others, because you are not separate from them. Develop softness and compassion, including for yourself.



Be conscious of where you might be confusing your interpretation of the truth, with the actual truth. We all filter information through a lens, but right now your perception of the truth may be a little skewed. The way you’re framing a situation or assigning meaning to an experience is most likely a product of subconscious expectations and assumptions. To assume is to suppose that something is true, even without having any proof. Your sense of reality during Mercury Retrograde is going to be at odds with others’, and so you’ll find you’re on a totally different page to them. You are seeing through the prism of either your childhood or unconscious programs (stored and accumulated and probably painful memories). It’s time to clean those program that colour your experience, using the ancient Hawaiian healing technique and process of cleansing: Ho’oponopono.



There are feelings (whether yours or someone else’s) that you are rejecting right now. Mercury Retrograde compels you to turn towards your emotions rather than away from them to clear an emotional blockage. Whatever is being suppressed will boil up and cause toxicity. Remember that your feelings are valid, important and worthy of consideration. You may be feeling lost because you stopped experiencing the world through your senses. Emotions function like a compass and help you to navigate different circumstances. “True emotional healing doesn’t happen without feeling. The only way out is through.” - Jessica Moore

Other sign of significance to you right now: Leo


Mercury Retrograde is challenging you to change your perspective of a situation that you have struggled to accept. It seems like there’s nothing you can do to change an outcome right now. While it may not be what you want, the more you resist it: the more unhappy you will be. The truth is that there is a vibrational gap between you and what you want. The question you must ask yourself is why? Is there a subconscious belief that you cannot get what you want? Or that you don’t deserve it? Perhaps you are so focused on the problem or the obstacle, that the solution is eluding you. Use your imagination. It can carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.
Other sign of significance to you right now: Libra


Your remedy for Mercury Retrograde is self-awareness. You are invited to recognise what your fears are all about so they no longer hold you back. Our natural inclination is to fight our fears, run away from them or cover them up. Instead of avoiding your fears, it’s time to face them otherwise they will continue to prevent you from reaching your highest potential. Don’t banish fear, because it can be useful. Banish cowardice. First observe your fear and then overcome it by focusing on and maintaining your personal power. Recognise your strength to unblock the obstacles that currently stand in your way. The other thing just as important when it comes to your shadow work in Mercury Retrograde, is understanding that you’re holding against others things that are difficult to admit
about yourself. Try to remember that others are mirroring something within you. When you focus on yourself, everyone else will start to look better!

Other sign of significance to you right now: Taurus

Consider how your hidden motive of control could be causing you and others pain right now. What do you feel you need in order to feel good, at ease, or safe? You may feel powerless in some way, but trying to influence an outcome or control events will make it impossible for you to achieve what you want. Wisdom, calm and strength is what’s needed, not dominance. Set yourself free by letting go of your need for circumstances to unfold a certain way. When we let go we can finally receive. Ask yourself what you’re trying to avoid. Is it a lack of certainty? If so, embrace the unknown. Nothing is guaranteed. When things don’t go as planned – trust the re-route. Face your limitations, insecurities and vulnerability .Instead of trying to force something, go with the flow.

Other sign of significance to you right now: Aquarius


There are important messages you’re ignoring. Mercury Retrograde implores you to pay attention. Not just to signs and meaningful coincidences; but also to uncomfortable feelings you may be suppressing. If you pay attention, you will see that the world around you is reflecting things that you’re suppressing. For example, if you suppress anger, it will seem like everyone is mad at you. If
you suppress hope and faith in yourself, it will seem like everyone is blind to your potential. If you don’t respect what you feel, it will seem like everyone is violating your boundaries. Pay attention: because you are being shown the way to go. The Universe is reassuring you of a positive outcome and that it’s possible for you to create the life that you want. The Universe is also showing you how to change your strategy. If you want a happy life, you’ve got to love not only getting what you want, but also what you do in order to get what you want. It’s not unrealistic to expect the best.


Do you want to be right? Or do you want success? Sometimes defending your position is not worth the price. In Mercury Retrograde it’s time to take inventory of your conflict resolution skills. Do you try to convince the other person that they’re wrong? Do you tend to interrupt? Shut others down and exit the scene, convinced of your rightness? This sacrifices your credibility more than ‘being
wrong’. You could be depriving everyone of the opportunity of finding a meeting of the minds. More important than winning is listening to each other and attempting to understand, rewards of actual connection. If you were willing to admit fault no one would think less of you. After all - apologising is a sign of strength. It demonstrates that you have the confidence to recognise that you’re not always right! Conflict resolution skills are crucial to achieving harmonious relationships and they include active listening, flexibility and humility.



You may have succumbed to an illusion as a way of escaping a painful truth, more specifically in the context of a relationship. Perhaps you are avoiding facing up to reality because it doesn’t fit the vision that you had in your head. What has transpired is not what you wanted. Mercury Retrograde is not asking you to forsake your vision -- but be honest with yourself as to whether the relationship
aligns with that vision. Are you in love with an actual person, or are you enamoured with the character that you want them to play in your life? It’s important that you awaken from this dream so that you can take steps to actually achieving it for real. You have the power to shape and change your own world if you set your mind to it. Extract the ideas within your fantasy and honour them by
making it happen.



I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re misguided in a situation in which you’re choosing to ignore red flags, give the benefit of the doubt and underestimate negative consequences. During Mercury Retrograde, beware of blinding optimism and positive distortions that will lead to bad decisions. This
is not the time to bury your head in the sand. While it’s tempting to go back to that childlike place of believing that everything will be alright and issues will miraculously resolve themselves, avoiding potential pitfalls will not make them disappear. Sweeping things under the carpet is not the solution. Stay practical, acknowledge and address issues as they arise, and all will be well!

Other sign of significance to you right now: Leo



In Mercury Retrograde you may be unconsciously searching for and focusing on things that confirm what you already believe. Avoid making assumptions, particularly when it comes to how others are behaving. There will be alternative explanations that contravene the meaning you have assigned. Play Devil’s Advocate so that you can cover all possibilities. Seek another’s counsel or ask someone for their point of view: during Mercury Retrograde, others will see what you do not. There is no need to feel ashamed of this – it could just be that you are too enmeshed in a situation to be able to see it clearly.