JULY Taroscope

JULY Taroscope

How the 12 signs can embrace their shadow and step into their light

Written by Brittany's Psychic Tarot. For a personal reading, please email brittanyspsychictarot@gmail.com.


While it’s important to have strong convictions and believe in all the reasons behind what we do, your challenge in July is to surrender your way of doing things to a divine way of being and doing. You are being called to awaken to how you have plateaued in your current state of consciousness. Have you become entrenched in a way of life because of the company you keep? It may be time to leave some people behind, or at the very least, live beyond the opinions of others and be willing to do more, be more and have more. You deserve to experience good things and do what makes you feel happy. Consider what you would do if you had no fear of losing or being left.



Some things grab our attention, enter our energy field and don’t seem to leave. We can’t shake it off: it dominates our thoughts. The more we obsess about it, the more the solution eludes us. When you’ve done everything you can to resolve a problem, release worry and let the Universe do it’s part. Remember if it is out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too. You might have fallen into an emotional state that is heavy and serious for too long. Try to take a lighter approach to things.



This month you need to remember that you’re strong and able to participate fully in everything that life sends your way. Avoid shutting down, hiding or avoiding situations when you’re stressed or overwhelmed. Withdrawing may protect you from overloading your nervous system but it will also prevent you from feeling positive emotions. Centre yourself in nature, gain perspective on your circumstances and return to the present moment. Embrace the power of right now.



Once in a while, when we are faced with challenges and difficulties we start to lose trust in the wisdom of the Universe. We begin to fear what is coming next. We become suspicious and expect trouble, even in the most promising circumstances. We don’t want to be ambushed, startled or caught unawares so we assume the worst. Sometimes we believe it so much we start to create and attract strife. This is preventing you from taking a leap of faith. In July you need to truly believe that the Universe is rigged in your favour and have confidence in your life’s path.



In what areas of your life do you strive for flawlessness? Remember that while holding high standards for ourselves and others is important, perfection is generally unattainable. In July, give yourself a break. Relax into the moment and let the Universe do the driving. That will be the secret to your happiness. Take life less seriously and find joy in the little things. You are much more than what you can accomplish or produce. Go back to a moment when you laughed so hard it hurt. Laughter is healing.



Hope often carries us through difficult times and gives us the energy to pull through. There are, however, moments when hope disappears and we become blind to the light at the end of the tunnel. In July don’t be discouraged. Stay consistent to your dream. Restore your faith that good things will eventually happen. You are not out of options. You are finding your way to embodying your greatest personal power. Trust yourself. Let this trust fuel your next steps. Be brave and courageous and you will discover what you are really made of. Remain open to different views and opinions because they may contain the kernel that cracks the nut.



There is a fear you’re suffering from that you’re finally ready to overcome. This fear has closed off your heart in some way and caused you to avoid what is vital for your growth because it feels scary. In July you can greatly uplevel in your life by addressing the fears holding you back and choosing to participate fully in everything life brings your way. It is only in opening ourselves up to experience that our soul can be strengthened. You are learning that fear does not prevent death; it prevents life. It’s time to stretch yourself and move forward with courage. Failure is certain and vulnerability is a requirement. If you can’t beat fear, do it scared.



You need to give yourself permission to rest. You might be preparing to come alive again and vigorously pursue a passion that you put to the side but first you must restore your body. Try not do it all or you will suffer burnout. Your own being is demanding your attention. Be kinder to yourself and remember that you are the asset and the body is your vehicle. What pressures are you or others placing on you? What changes could you make in order to feel less overwhelmed and more balanced? Where can you ask for help?



We are presented with many opportunities over the course of our lives. Some we take and some we pass up due to fear or lack of clarity. Later, we may end up regretting the chances we missed. The road not taken may haunt us as we imagine what could have been. We question or decisions and blame ourselves for our lack of courage or short sightedness. In July try to stay focused on the bigger picture and don’t get caught up in the drama of disappointment. Instead, envision all that you might be and co-create. You are haltingly moving forward into creating something new.



Throughout July try to avoid projecting blame. It’s a tool we use to avoid taking responsibility – whether we’re finding fault with ourselves and staying in the energy of self-accusation, or pointing the finger at someone else. What we’re doing is failing to acknowledge the error in order to learn from it. Stay out of the blame game. You will also need to calm your frazzled nerves this month. Certainty won’t present itself just because you are rushing around. Now is a time to slow down and take it easy.



You may be feeling hard-done-by at this time, feeling bitter and resentful over an unfair outcome. Your challenge is to believe that life has great things in store for you. What is unfolding is helping you to better understand your purpose. You are not a victim of fate - it’s just that not all plans come to fruition, however in the planning we learn so much. You are overdue for a renewal of your spiritual alignment. Prepare to experience some revelations. Soon you will access ideas that are beyond your current grasp.



This month it’s important that you find the courage to release what needs to be left behind and move into unfamiliar territory. Often we look at a closed door for so long that we don’t see the one that has been opened for us. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off because it’s time to accept that which cannot be changed. Remember that unanswered prayers very often lead to the destiny our heart seeks. Much is coming your way, more quickly than you might expect.