august tarot


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I’m sensing your ‘impatience’ as you seek ‘evidence’ of progress. You are indeed growing and you’re smarter than you think. While there may be moments when it seems you’re stuck in a place where there are no positive outcomes, rather than attempting to direct the course of events, try to let the Universe do the driving. Let a difficult experience develop your character and awaken your soul’s potential. 


For a while now, the Universe has been prompting you to actively acknowledge the connection you have with important people in your life. You are never truly alone – you are eternally connected. Seek support from family and friends who can relate to your adversity (without trying to fix you). Trust that there is purpose to your suffering. Restore your faith that guidance from Spirit is always available to you. You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated. Remember the sun inevitably comes up no matter what is going on in your life.


Right now, more than ever, your circumstances will be a direct reflection of what’s happening internally for you. What is going on in your mind is what will be going on in your surroundings. At any moment, you have a choice: if you want your world to light up, know what sparks the light in you. Infuse energy and motivation in your life; or continue doubting the possibility of your own success. Confront and embrace your inner demons without shame or self-criticism. Renew your commitment to leading a spiritually directed life.


You might find yourself the victim of tall poppy syndrome, but the message is to not react. It’s a compliment after all – people are attempting to take you down a peg because they could only aspire to reach your level of greatness. Don’t let the haters kill your vibe. This will all die down soon and by then you’ll be onto something even bigger and better. It’s already gestating. In the meantime, choose to see the good in others. Remember that no matter how much evil may be apparent, there is always more light than there is darkness.


This month your task is to remember that life is happening for you, not to you – therefore let what comes, come and let what goes, go. Move with the flow of life. Trust it. Fully immerse yourself in, and enjoy, whatever process you’re involved in. Breathe. Take the actions needed to move forward into the next cycle of renewal, in spite of any fear: after all fear does not prevent death – it prevents life. This era of your life is demanding that you diversify your interests and open up to new ways of seeing the world. Introduce and commit to a daily spiritual practice.


Don’t let anyone or anything deter you. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Further, there’s no point achieving success and recognition in the eyes of the world if you lose your integrity in the process. Create an external representation of your goals and intentions with a list or vision board to help you focus. You will do marvellous work, so just face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism. Don’t fight the waves: ride them out and see where they take you. Be confident in your abilities as they will keep you afloat. Remember, life knows what it’s doing, even if you don’t.


You may have been feeling bogged down by the weight of other people’s problems lately. It may be time to stop rescuing them. They’re not helpless – and their problems are not yours. Life was moving along for you in a relatively steady and predictable way until certain events plunged you into a chaotic cycle from which you’re slowly recovering. It’s a great time to get away for a while and do something just for the fun of it. Let yourself enjoy life for a moment, without thinking about all the things you ‘should’ be doing.


Now is a time for purging: let go of anything physical or emotional that you’ve held on to for too long in order to allow that which has been brewing to birth. Spirit wants to take away what’s been depleting your energy so that you can be filled with inspiration and blessings. You will soon be embarking on an exciting adventure where you can expect novelty, change, surprise and freedom. Right now you must rise above whatever is making you feel powerless. It will be easier to find acceptance once you realise that you’re starting to find solutions for yourself and that your personal appeal is BACK! Believe in yourself and dare to dream big in the next phase, as all things are possible. 


Are you listening to your intuition or are you allowing other noises to dilute its messages? You’ve been suppressing both your inner knowing and potent emotions and this is causing considerable inner turmoil. We lose power when we stop believing in our inner guidance. Our path becomes unnecessarily twisted and unclear. Perhaps your childhood experiences taught you that it’s much safer to withhold your thoughts and feelings. You may benefit from paying attention to how others express their feelings in a healthy way and emulate them. Let off some steam by releasing whatever you have pushed down. Strive to rely less on others and more on your inner knowing.


You’re feeling fragmented due to life’s many trials and challenges – waking up feeling anxious about what the day will bring. You need to look beyond the surface of things and connect to what is angelic. Start the day by meditating, focusing on your breath. Keep it simple. Your purpose is to live your precious life and be happy. Find comfort and inspiration in talking to others who experience similar challenges. If you feel low, counteract that by doing something positive. This will help you to attract more good into your life.


It feels like you recently got reacquainted with the silence within yourself – you spent quiet time alone, subdued and kept a low profile. This was necessary as you’re being called to accept life, accept yourself and accept your choices and experiences. August is when you rediscover your voice and share what you’ve come to learn. You’re re-emerging and ready to help others. There are some negative people around you that you should avoid. Stay away from anyone who is overly critical or who negates who you truly are at your core, anyone who causes you to feel shame or that you’re not good enough.


You are reminded to live and lead from your heart, because fear lives in the head, along with anxiety, control, guilt, frustration and impatience. You are a wild, loving force and you are unique. There is no one in the Universe quite like you. Our minds are conditioned to pay attention to the negative and overlook all that is good in our lives, including how far we’ve come. There is much for you to be proud of, and your efforts will pay off soon. In the meantime, know that Spirit is supporting you and conspiring to light the path for you so that you can experience all that you deserve.